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Dec 12, 2012
Posted by Justin

Latest website tune-up

morse-screen1 morse-screen2

GlowView was asked to refresh the Morse Measurements website with a fresh new design, CMS capabilities, and improved SEO. Morse Measurements’ old website did not allow anyone in the company to maintain the site on their own or make their own updates. Worse still, the URL structure was severely lacking for SEO – all pages on the site were some variation of ‘/store.asp?id=xxx&catid=xxx’. That’s just plain awful… not only were those URLs ugly and hard to remember, they did not contain any keywords. GlowView created a contemporary new design and built the new website on the WordPress platform with a custom built WordPress theme. URLs were fixed to be search engine friendly, and 301 permanent redirects¬†were established for all the old ugly URLs. This keeps search engines up-to-date with your new content and ensures old bookmarks and links to your website will continue to work after launch of your new website. Morse Measurements’ search engine ranking is on the rise, they have a great new look, and they have ability to keep the website fresh and up-to-date on their own with new content.

Some key website features include:

  • Image sliders
  • Constant Contact integration
  • Dynamic text sizing
  • Upcoming Events custom post type, with “sticky” functionality
  • Password secured client area

Training and 30 days of support are provided on all GlowView website development projects.

Nov 11, 2011
Posted by Justin

The evolution of GlowView

It’s always interesting to look back at the design evolution of websites that have had a few iterations over the years. Luckily for us, I’d say each version improved over the previous. Let us know what you think. Ignore the broken images in some of the screenshots, the WayBackMachine has some loose gears.



The very first GlowView design. I was on a circular kick around this time, since it was something you didn’t see very often. My personal website at the time also featured a circular container with the content in a small rectangular iframe inside. Apparently, I was testing out a¬†cornucopia of Photoshop filters on the photo as well.

GlowView circa 2002


Went with a more blog-like look in the next design, although it did not utilize a blogging platform. The main design feature was actually a photo of the ceiling at my folks’ house back in New York. I used an underwater filter and some other effects on it to make it look very abstract. This was the first GlowView site that was W3C Compliant.

GlowView circa 2004



The current GlowView design up until November 2011. Started playing with some fancy jQuery effects and tons of transparencies. This site was IE6 compatible and still used mostly transparent GIF’s rather than PNG’s. Just the blog was built in WordPress 2.x, the rest was custom PHP.

GlowView circa 2009



The current site. Built completely on WordPress 3.x this time around. Appropriately, this version has a more business-like feel to it. We love it, what do you think?

GlowView circa 2011

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