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Apr 19, 2012
Posted by GlowView

GlowView causing Havoc!

Uber funny political blog, Havoc on the Hill teamed up with GlowView for their website refresh. Havoc had begun to outgrow their hosted blog. GlowView jettisoned Havoc from their limited blog and moved them to their own custom WordPress(.org) installation. A custom theme and plugins were developed and implemented and all of Havoc’s old data was exported and imported to their new WordPress 3.3.1 site.

Moving off opens up the ability to design custom themes (not cookie cutter), install/create/customize any plugins, and generally do whatever you can dream up as long as you have a capable developer at your side, *cough* GlowView. ;)

Some new neato features that couldn’t have been accomplished on

  • Featured post area
  • Custom Twitter feed widget
  • Recent posts widget
  • Facebook commenting system

Check out the new –  The Word’s Best Website in the World.

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