Nov 11, 2011
Posted by Justin

The 7 Day Website

We’re in start-up mode here at GlowView. Obviously, one of the most important informational and marketing tools for any business, is your business website. This is especially true for a web development agency. Knowing this, we knew we needed to get our new website out the door fast. Super fast.

We set out to launch a completely new website built on WordPress with an all new design, content, copy and blog in ONE week. This is a pretty agressive timeline for any project. But from experience, we knew that it’s easy to get caught in a trap when working on internal endeavors. Client work is always the highest priority, so internal projects can often bottom-out on the priority list. We’ve seen this time and time again, where sparkling new websites will sit for months going stale, waiting on a few key pieces of content to be produced. The best way to avoid this? Go full bore until it’s done, launched, and out there, then iterate afterwards.┬áThis involves sacrifices, sure. But you can be strategic and prioritize. Everyone would prefer to have all the bells and whistles at launch day, but if that sets your timeline back weeks or months, is it really worth it?

We started with a design concept last Friday (11/4) and here we are launching our new site on Friday (11/11). Our portfolio needs some more work, we’ve got some more icons to add to the homepage, we’d like to add some interactivity, etc. But all of that will come later and now we’ve got our new site out in the wild, bringing in business in the meantime. Success!

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