Nov 11, 2011
Posted by GlowView

3…2…1… Lift off!

GlowView is proud to unveil our new souped up website on this (Vegas wedding) day, 11/11/11. Not only have we launched a new website, we’re also wicked excited to announce that GlowView is now officially a full-time, full-service digital agency. We’re in start-up mode now and loving every minute of it.

GlowView has been the brainchild of Justin Griswold for almost 10 years, previously serving as a hub for his personal freelance web development work. Justin has been a Web Designer, Information Architect, Web Developer, and Account Manager at a few of the most prestigious agencies in South Florida and North Carolina over the past 8 years.

GlowView offers professional digital development services including web design, web development, user experience, and mobile app development. We’re based in Mooresville, North Carolina but offer our expertise across the country. Give us a call (704.761.VIEW) to discuss your digital goals.

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